2014 Coops

Check out the 2014 coops

Photos and descriptions for each of the 26 coops and bee hives on the 2014 tour are now available. Full addresses for each coop will be available on the morning of the tour, either via an emailed ticket (for those who purchase a ticket online by Friday, May 16) or by getting a ticket at one of our ticket locations on the day of the tour.

This year we've added a Bike Route, a Hive Hike for bee-keeping enthusiasts, and a coop raffle. Also new this year is a Coop Carnival: a fun and educational day of chickens and coops, food trucks, live music, games and more.

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This unique "Parade of Combs" features hens and coops tucked into the gardens of your friends and neighbors. All tour proceeds benefit Urban Ministries of Wake County.

The Tour D'Coop is a one-day garden tour in Raleigh, North Carolina, that seeks to educate visitors about keeping hens and delight them with garden ideas and inspiration. Open to adults and children, the tour showcases various hen houses and breeds. Coop owners are on hand at each location to discuss the how-tos of chicken keeping and there are opportunities for photographing and getting to know the chickens. The wide variety of coop styles as well as the surrounding back yard gardens make the tour interesting for the whole family.

Please leave pets and companion animals at home; many hens are not accustomed to dogs.

We encourage tour participants to bring a city map if they do not own a GPS system. The tour tickets only provide the coops' addresses and basic directions.